Industries We Work With

At LinkUp Corporation, we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of our diverse clientele. Our commitment to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships drives our success in various industries worldwide. Through our network of highly qualified sales representatives, we offer personalized one-on-one service, ensuring that as our customers' businesses evolve, we evolve with them.
Contract Manufacturing
LinkUp provides contract manufacturing services that allow clients to concentrate on their main business activities while we handle production and logistics. Our range of services covers everything from design and development to building, testing, kitting, and assembly processes, ensuring that we can bring our clients' ideas to life.

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Rail Transportation
We support the transportation sector by providing reliable components and custom solutions to enhance efficiency for the rail industry. Products include lighting enclosures, communication systems (racking, antenna farms), refrigerators, sanitation systems, air conditioner units, camera enclosures, locomotive security systems, air dryers, custom piping, horns, and cable harnesses.

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Railcar Part Fabrication
LinkUp’s manufacturing capabilities include light to medium gauge metal manufacturing for freight cars. We provide additional products such as sensor brackets and fabricated undercarriage components.

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Our experience in the transit industry enables us to offer innovative solutions for public transportation systems worldwide. Products include communication systems, air conditioner units, specialized racking for electronic devices, security systems, horns, and cable harnesses.

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Metal Fabrication
We provide comprehensive solutions with metal fabrication. Our capabilities include laser cutting, forming, welding, CNC vertical milling, CNC lathe machining, and powder coating.

Electrical Charging Enclosures
LinkUp has the ability to manufacture Electrical Charging Enclosures in-house, and we offer custom finishes to withstand harsh environments.

Electrical Transformer Enclosures
Our team has experience in creating robust enclosures for electrical transformers, protecting the equipment from environmental and operational hazards.

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LinkUp provides a variety of products for the automotive industry, including specialized mounting brackets and plates for fleet vehicles, lift gates, and bumper solutions.
Food Equipment Manufacturing
We offer solutions for food equipment manufacturers, ensuring efficient operations and compliance with food safety regulations. Products include food processing machine parts, vending, mounting brackets, thermoelectric coolers, microwave combo units, and hot plates.
Industrial Manufacturing
We support the industrial manufacturing industry by providing innovative solutions. Our products include conveyor systems, server racks, and OSHA-compliant safety railings.
Mining and Marine
We have the ability to provide durable and high-quality products for the mining and marine industries, ensuring optimal performance in challenging environments. Products include engine components, air valves, horns, and custom piping.
Oil and Gas
LinkUp offers a range of products for the oil and gas industry, including water transfer piping solutions, valves, pallet and racking solutions, specialty pumps, and specialty cabling.
We serve the telecommunications industry by offering products and services that support seamless communication and connectivity. Products include antenna brackets, mounting solutions, enclosures, and cable services.

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