Cables Built to Spec

At LinkUp, we specialize in designing and manufacturing cables and wire harnesses for a wide range of industries. Our services include creating custom-made cables that meet the specific requirements of each project or application, such as high voltage or extreme temperatures.

Cables and wire harnesses provide the necessary electrical and communication components for machinery and equipment. Our wire and cable services have expanded over the years to include advanced capabilities, such as increased capacity and improved quality. This ensures that customers receive high-quality, reliable cables and wire harnesses that meet industry standards and safety requirements.
Wire and Cable Assembly

LinkUp is a manufacturer committed to delivering high-value products, specializing in crafting cables, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and adapters. As your one-stop shop for all your wiring requirements, we offer customized solutions that range from simple one-wire replacements to complex multi-conductor branch cables. Bring us your design today, and let us provide you with a quality solution that meets your needs.

Component Assembly

Along with cable and wire harness assembly, LinkUp also provides electrical enclosure assembly services. We manufacture and assemble custom enclosures that use advanced technologies and equipment to meet client specifications. These services are crucial for many industrial applications, and LinkUp offers comprehensive solutions, from individual components to fully integrated systems.

At LinkUp, our Cable Services team is skilled at putting together wires, cables, and other components. We can build everything from small parts to entire systems, depending on your needs. We focus on accuracy, speed, and quality in our work to make sure every piece we deliver works well and meets top industry standards. No assembly project is too simple or too complex for us. Trust LinkUp for dependable, high-quality cable and component assembly.
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